• Austråttborgen
    Renaissance castle from 1656. Chapel with baroque furniture. Noble manor house from the Middle Ages. Café.

  • Austrått Fort
    Lundahaugen, Austrått. Large cannon mounted by the Germans during World War II. Unique war memorial and great engineering.

  • Fosen War History Collections
    is located on Lundahaugen in the former ammunition depot at Austrått fort. The collection contains objects / pictures from the war.

  • The landscape conservation area Austråttlunden
    Interesting bird and plant life. Well-developed trail network.

  • Wetlands
    Grandefjæra nature reserve and bird protection area Hovsfjæra, Innstrandfjæra and Kråkvågsvaret have a bustling bird life all year round. 210 different bird species have been registered..

  • Uthauggården
    The farm belonged to Austrått from 1740. Main building with original furniture that shows farm, trade and coastal history.

  • Museumsnaustet
    Uthaug. Exhibitions  shows fishing methods from the earliest times to the present day ..

  • Sjøgata
    Uthaug. Charming street facing the sea. With houses from the 1800s.


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